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Environmental protection and restoration is a top priority.

Crystallex believes that sustainable development will improve the future for all stakeholders associated with the Company, especially in proximity of its operations.

As a measure of our commitment, we have integrated pollution prevention and environmental protection measures into all our operations and projects. We believe in continual improvement and sustainable development, and strive to ensure that our operations and projects are environmentally sound. To achieve these aims, training and awareness-raising programs are part of the Company’s procedures.

We ensure that our activities comply with applicable environmental laws and standards. In regions where laws and standards may be incomplete, we apply international practices to ensure that we achieve our environmental objectives.

Sound environmental practice is one of the central tenets of good operations management and the Company is committed to ensuring compliance with environmental policy and objectives.

The Board and our Chief Executive Officer, as well as every single employee share in the responsibility for meeting this commitment in the communities and the environment in which we operate.