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Crystallex is committed to develop and operate its mining projects based on the principles of continuous improvement and environmentally responsible, sustainable development. We believe that this will best reward all stakeholders of the Company, most notably the local communities which are directly influenced by its operations.

Our corporate objective is to ensure that our activities comply with all applicable workplace health and safety rules, environmental laws and social standards. In regions where these laws and standards are not yet fully developed, we look to be a proactive participant in that development. In the meantime, we apply international best practices to achieve our corporate objectives.

The Board, our Chief Executive Officer and every employee of the Company share both the commitment and the responsibility to meet these objectives in the communities and environments in which we operate.

Social Responsibility
Health and Safety
Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility


Crystallex is committed to the environmentally sound management of our development projects and operations. Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and standards is the foundation of our philosophy. Sound environmental practices are central tenets of our operation.

To meet our corporate environmental policies and objectives, environmental training and awareness programs are an integral part of our operating philosophy. We seek to continuously improve the environmental protection and pollution prevention measures at all of our operations and projects.

Among recent activities, Crystallex has:

  • Strengthened our team of environmental staff at the El Callao operations and the Las Cristinas project
  • Invested in improved environmental controls at the Revemin II metallurgical plant
  • Initiated the implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for Las Cristinas project

Social Responsibility

Crystallex commits to employ the highest standards of corporate citizenship in all of its operations and development projects. Our social development programs support local communities with long-term employment, training, economic development, local infrastructure and health care.

At Las Cristinas, our commitment has gained the confidence and support of the Mayor, the Municipality and the local communities. In fact, many residents and community leaders have put this support it in writing.

In January 2005, ten leaders of local community groups wrote a public letter to the Governor of Bolivar State. It requested that the Governor act as intermediary to ensure that the Las Cristinas project be permitted in a timely manner so that local communities might secure the related employment and social development benefits as soon as possible.

A delegation of approximately 400 people traveled some 150 kilometers to hand-deliver this letter to the Mayor of Tumeremo for onward delivery to the Governor. The signatories included the leaders of four local community associations, the captains of four local indigenous communities, the President of the Union of Construction workers of Bolivar Sate, and the General Co-ordinator Pro-Employment Commission.

Crystallex has contracted a Venezuelan Non-Government Organization to design a Social Investment plan for the project and to manage its implementation for the 2005-2006 operating period. Crystallex has also hired a Community Relations Director for the project and increased the staff of the Community Relations group.

Since entering into our Las Cristinas Mine Operating Agreement, Crystallex has:

  • Constructed 30 new homes for local residents
  • Installed or upgraded water treatment plants for eight communities
  • Installed a sewer network to serve three communities
  • Tarred the portion of the gravel road that connects the highway and Las Cristinas and runs through the communities of Santo Domingo and Nuevas Claritas
  • Upgraded the local medical centre, installed X-Ray and dental facilities and continued to provide ongoing medical supplies for the centre

In addition, Crystallex also:

  • Funds and administers a local education scholarship program
  • Provides a number of small miners’ associations with ongoing job training programs
  • Provides full-time employment opportunities for more than 125 local residents
  • Is in the process of installing two sewage-treatment plants for the local community

Crystallex will be working with the community to educate and train necessary operating staff. We look forward to serving as a major employer to the region, initially during construction of the project and thereafter during the operation of mining and related facilities. Most of our mine employees will come from the region and will be integral to the success of our mining projects, particularly Las Cristinas.

Health and Safety

Crystallex has a goal of zero lost-time incidents that endanger the health and safety of Company personnel. Importantly, incidents that do not cause lost time are recorded and analyzed to minimize the chance of a repeat event. With a new Health and Safety policy in place, we are working to achieve this level of safety excellence through the consistent and active participation by every employee, every day, in every aspect of our jobs.
At El Callao, the Company has provided the community with a bus to transport children safely to school.

At Las Cristinas, the Company is providing training in safe operation for local small-scale artisanal miners who are licensed to exploit previously mined tailings. With the CVG and the Ministry of Energy and Mines, we are working to organize these artisanal miners into cooperatives, provide them with safety training and support technology, and offer suitable candidates the opportunity to join our Las Cristinas job training programs.

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

Crystallex Receives Community Recognition Award
In January, 2004, our social investment programs at Las Cristinas were formally recognized by the Sifontes Municipality and Bolivar State. Crystallex and the Las Cristinas project were awarded the “Orden General Domingo Sifontes – Primera Clase” (Order of General Domingo Sifontes – First Class). This prestigious award is the highest decoration bestowed by the Municipality, and recognizes outstanding contribution to the region and its residents.

2004 marked the first time that public companies received this award. Only two companies, Crystallex and Minera Hecla, were recognized for their outstanding contributions to local communities. Among other recipients were the Governor of Bolivar State, the Archbishop, the Dean of the University and the Army’s Chief in Command.

Kilometre 88 Revegetation Program

Sample housing in Kilometre 88 region BEFORE Crystallex sponsored community projects

Sample regional housig in Kilometre 88 region AFTER Crystallex sponsored community projects

Crystallex provides a dental care center for local residents in the Kilometre 88 region

Crystallex supports local education programs and schools in the Kilometre 88 region